“Beach Barrows” 30×20 Oil on Canvas

“Baobab at Dusk” 24×24 Oil on Canvas

“Sailing at Lamu” 58×27 Oil on Canvas

“The Bicycle Repair Shop” 24×18 Oil on Canvas

“A special occasion” 48×48 Oil on Canvas

“Maasai Communication” 48×48 Oil on canvas, mixed media, beads, mirrors

“Maasais in Mombasa 1″ 32×36 Oil on Canvas

“Rift Valley” 16×12 Oil on Wood

“Deep Sea Boat, Sri Lanka” 24×18 Oil on Canvas

“Gacie Market” 48×23 Oil on Canvas

“What I paint here is both my passion for painting and Kenya. No two days are the same; every day is change here. New things are happening all the time…in nature, in people. It’s such a turn-on to live in Kenya. You can’t ever imagine waking up and not finding a new day here.”